Open Burning

With the exception of a few days a year, open burning is not allowed within city limits. Visit the City’s website at for additional information.


Fire Prevention

The Tiffin Fire Department visits Tiffin preschools during Fire Prevention Week. During this visit, children learn:

  • What to do in case of a fire
  • How to safely exit a burning building
  • About fire safety
  • To stop, drop and roll

Fire Station Tours

Group station tours are available by request by calling (319) 545-2102.

In preparation for your scheduled visit, please:

  • Discuss the importance of listening to instructions from the Tiffin Fire Department staff
  • Ensure that you have adequate supervision for the group
  • Discuss that firefighters may need to leave during a tour if there is an emergency


Storm Warning Sirens

Per Johnson County Emergency Management’s guidelines, storm warning sirens are sounded for:

  • Tornado warnings
  • Severe thunderstorm warnings with wind speeds in excess of 70 miles per hour
  • Hail in excess of 1.75 inches (golf ball size or larger)
  • Note that an “all-clear” siren is not sounded.

When a siren sounds:

  • Seek immediate shelter indoors, preferably in a basement, and away from windows


Siren testing is conducted on the first Wednesday of the month at 10:00 am.